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exhibition view

system Shanghai, 2021

What/who is it/he/she?


An ephemeral colliding,

It comes with creation and destroy.

Like the Dance of Shiva. 


An ephemeral disk, 

Like the RAM embedded in the virtual host,

used for ephemeral purposes. 

If it fails, 

Is that error scoped to that host?


An ephemeral love,

It was visible no more. 

Copulated before died.

Like the Wings of one day,

were bred and expired within one day. 


I don't live, I inhale

I don't give, I unveil

The Dance Of Mayfly Women 


material:  silicone 、metal、plastic 、fox bones 、 bat bone、shark teeth、crystal、water、magnetic soil




GROUP exhibition at tank Shanghai,

presented by system Shanghai


The image of the Mayfly woman is partly derived from the primitive Mayfly order, which has the oldest and most specific body type. In terms of construction, she is stuck upside down in a closed growing tree trunk, and uncoils electric currents from the inside of the broken female body to the tail, which is vertically connected to a corrupt body in a crucifix-like form, locked in an eternal loop of creation and destruction, and the result of this double danger is the same: The abolition of boundaries, touches, absolutes.

What else do we know about the existence of the body? As we gradually collapse into "bare life," the detachment and anomy we experience in this too-everyday to be visible process, how can we fight back from the anxious image turbine in the mixed landscape?

The decomposition of organs and functions in this work is the anatomy of form, shape -- the state of the body, the way it exists in the world, bearing, breathing, gait, fur, blocks. By collecting and mixing biomimetic materials, plant organs, bone fossils, electric current and other materials, the intention of accusing images as a symbol is deceptive and opaque, but in fact, it is a process of "mystification" of ideology. In addition, it purposely amplifies the opacity of this symbol, tries to remove the mysterious noumenon of ideology hidden behind, and forms a self-production and circulation of images.

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