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all club Shanghai, 2022



The Exit To  My Body


material:  silicone 、metal、plastic 、fox bones 、 bat bone、shark teeth、crystal、water、magnetic soil




presented by all club Shanghai & label scandal


The body is born in the cave, or conceived in the form of a cave, is first thought from inner body, and the position which constitutes the contradiction itself becomes the organ or instrument of the symbol, the mechanism of meaning, which never stops coming into the body and is as valuable as the shadow appearing in the cave; The body is still the dark place where meaning is stored, the black symbol of this storage. But in this way, the body absolutely falls into the trap of symbols and meanings. If it's a sign, it's a meaning. If it is meaning, then it is the meaning that cannot be explained by its own sign. Meaning either leaves the body, arises and sinks upon it, continually approaching the exclusive place where it will forever crouch and hide. Can anyone tell us exactly how to touch the body as the granted object that they must be?

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