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exhibition view

systerm Shanghai, 2021


The Altar 000


material:  metal



presented by system Shanghai 


Before there were alphabets, words, sentences and languages, there were signs. A symbol is explained by its position in its own trip. Works "The altar 000" is a similar ritual objects transmission tool, through The triangle and circle portfolio model (a very common, in a variety of religious culture is used as symbols of hidden message, a tool to guide or invite specific energy) and their position in The physical, there can be many different USES, In order to achieve the true spiritual nature of passion and willfulness, enter the so-called "flow" state.

Assuming the existence of a "nonhuman agent" beyond human power, man himself remains in an unequal position in this binary relationship -- in all combinations of visible and invisible material and immaterial, each exerting influence on the next binding, by analogy, We have no way of knowing whether the course of nature is determined by individual passions or capriciances, or by the fixed laws of machinery, as a desert nomad is more likely to believe that he is about to be buried alive in the sand by a Djinn than an urban American is to be monitored by the CIA with a chip implanted in his hand."

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